Death Suicide Despair Poetry

Death Suicide Despair Poetry

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  • Autor: Jason Harris
  • Editor: Chipmunka Publishing
  • Relaese Date: 01 June 2011
  • ISBN: 1847475280
  • Format Book: PDF, Epub, DOCx, TXT
  • Number of page: 77 pages
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Description Death Suicide Despair Poetry de Jason Harris:

DescriptionA collection of poems and prose poems, an exploration of a life, of suffering and of recovery. About the Author I'd Once Heard it Said "You're no good," followed by violence and more words. He grew up hearing he was no good, he even believed it, right through his working life But one day de decided to go back to school, over 40, no qualifications, and people were laughing behind his back - but they weren't laughing when he got 9 Distinctions and 9 Merits H.N.D 2001 graduated, degree from Southbank University, but all the time memories of what he was called as a child dogged him, followed him like a bad smell. No one ever said he'd done something good, never encouragement, only pain. He was the only person I'd heard of who graduated with Narcolepsy - slept throughout his course and still passed. Lost eight stone and still never thought he had done anything special. 2004 found him at Poetry Group where he started to write what he felt like. Death and Suicide. After many attempts he found himself seeing a Psychiatrist, who said, "You display a lot of signs of Aspersers Syndrome," and he thought - just another whip for his back. However he came to understand just what had caused his troubled life, no friends, isolated, always on his own. Only death was his friend. His mother who had always said the most terrible things to him, made him feel like committing suicide. If he had Aspersers, could other family members have it? His brother said to him, out of the blue, he'd lost two kids- one would be 9 now and the other 4. He replied, "That's sad, that's something you never get over." His brother said "He had." Later that night he told his mother who replied "That's his problem." He said in a soft voice "That's insensitive" - a short silence, and his mother replied "Yes, but I already knew." He replied, "Don't worry, but don't say it to him" Then it struck him, it was not said with malice or to cause pain it was just said like you might say "Good morning Aspersers." If you feel like jumping off, it's said by the time you hit the bottom you have forgotten why you jumped. Don't. If you want people to know, then don't. How will you know? You're dead. If you are alone, not loved, rejected. Don't He wrote with a smile as they said "Where's Jason gone - to join the one million?" It is written that one million people a year commit suicide. DON'T. 17/03/08 Specifics of the author cannot be found or maybe may be eliminated with the obtain from the author. Perhaps you could possibly be enthusiastic about different training books because of the Jason Harris. We had arrived in the position to gather the majority of the most iformatsii in your case. Regarding authors: site will not extend to general public access ones textbooks on our web sites solely starting more knowledge about the hem ebook. If you find that web site can be infringing, remember to write to all of us concerning this needless to say the actual article writer of those ebooks, we shall quickly take away web sites from web page.

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I can not remember the last time a book was so addicted.

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